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Modern Havana Tour


Departure from Havana, Cuba.
General Information:
Category: Excursion half journey.
Duration: 4-5hours.
Time table: Start at 10-11 o’clock all up the clients.
Modality: Tour to enjoy the heritage site.
Private Guide service.
Kids are welcomed: Yes
Local guides speak English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German and Russian.

Tour “Modern Havana.”
Pick up at the lodging by our local tour guide in American classic car from the 50s.
We invite you to discover with us the others interesting neighborhoods around the city. Where there is plenty to see and plenty to do.
Places to visit:
Municipality Playa, residential area of Miramar, the most elegant neighborhood in the country.   
Visit to the forest Bosque de la Habana considered an important area in the city, plenty of tropical and gorgeous trees. 
Tour and stop in the well-known Plaza de la revolution for its huge mural of Che Guevara (a copy of Korda’s famous 1960 photograph).The spot where Cubans celebrate their national holidays.
Visit to the National Hotel, the most famous casino in the city during the 50s.It is a fine example of eclectic art deco/neoclassical style, it is one of Havana’s architectural emblems. 
Callejon Hamel a kind of open air art gallery with murals dedicated to Santeria.
 Time to have a typical Cuban lunch. 
Visit to the East of Havana, the Christ of Havana and the fortress San Carlos de la Cabaña and los Tres Reyes and others interesting places.
Return to the hotel.
 We recommend you wear suitable shoes, sun glasses and hats. Bring at least a bottle of water. 

Casa 5ta

Una casa llena de naturaleza...

Excursión Habana Moderna 15 de noviembre 2017

Excursión Habana Moderna 15 de noviembre 2017

Excursión Habana Moderna diciembre 2017

Excursión Habana Moderna diciembre 2017

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Good to know

 Cuban convertible pesos (CUC) is the official money in Cuba. At foreign exchange outlets CADECA, you can buy/sell Cuban convertible pesos (CUC).There are CADECAs all over the country for changing foreign currency into Cuban convertible pesos. Most hotels have a currency exchange office too. US dollars are no longer in circulation, for CADECA US dollar is 10 percent tax when exchanging it for Cuban currency.
 Bacal, Transcard, Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted as long as they are not issued by American banks.
Cuba is primarily a cash economy. Wherever you go, you have to pay in cash. Credit cards are only accepted in hotels.
If you bring euros the official exchange varied, at the present is approximate 1 euro x 1.06 CUC in CADECAs.

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