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Destination Varadero


Hicacos Peninsula, which includes the world famous resort of Varadero, is 22 km long and located between Cardenas Bay and Florida Straits. The peninsula tapers to Hicacos Point, Cuba´s most northern land, a protected natural park with beautiful white sand and warm and transparent waters, lots vegetation and several caverns, where paintings have been found. Hicacos Point is a fine place for diving and like in the resort of Varadero there are several hotels.
      Site of interest:
Xanadú Mansion: Xanadú rises over the San Bernardino Crag and is a customary meeting point for players at the Varadero Golf Club. Its construction was commissioned by US multimillionaire Irénée Dupont in XX century who spent a great deal of money to buy almost all Hicacos Peninsula.
Josone Retreat Park: The park was founded by a married couple that in1942 dreamed of a place where their love would live on. The marvelous garden is open for tourist and at present it is one of Varadero most visited spot.

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