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Modern Havana


Site of interest:
Callejón de Hammel: Well known for its murals, painted by the Cuban painter Salvador Gonzales with symbols and texts dedicated to Africans saints.
Vedado: El Vedado neighborhood will become since its foundation in XIX in a very elegant residential area
Revolution Square: Emblematic stage is politic and administrative center of the Havana and the country.
Necropolis Colón: Havana cemetery’s is one of the largest in the world, has 56 hectares. Declared a National Monument.
Miramar: The most elegant neighborhood, its main avenue is Fifth Avenue, surrounded by beautiful 20th century houses.
Finca La Vigia: The only residence that Ernest Hemingway has out US. The house was inaugurated as a museum in 1962, a year after his death.
National Hotel: Cuba’s flagship hotel, is famous for a long list of illustrious guests.
The colossal Christ of Havana: The statue can be seen from different points of the city is 18 meters tall.

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corinne say:

2017-07-14 17:18 PM

bonjour je voudrais faire aussi celle ci merci

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Good to know

 Cuban convertible pesos (CUC) is the official money in Cuba. At foreign exchange outlets CADECA, you can buy/sell Cuban convertible pesos (CUC).There are CADECAs all over the country for changing foreign currency into Cuban convertible pesos. Most hotels have a currency exchange office too. US dollars are no longer in circulation, for CADECA US dollar is 10 percent tax when exchanging it for Cuban currency.
 Bacal, Transcard, Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted as long as they are not issued by American banks.
Cuba is primarily a cash economy. Wherever you go, you have to pay in cash. Credit cards are only accepted in hotels.
If you bring euros the official exchange varied, at the present is approximate 1 euro x 1.06 CUC in CADECAs.

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