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Soroa Destination

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Soroa tourist center is located in Artemisa province, just 7km from the National Expressways and 250m above sea level. Soroa is small village located around mountains and tropical vegetation.
Sites of interest:
Soroa Orchid and Botanical Garden: Today is the largest orchid garden in the island and one of the most important in the world. It has a variety of orchid’s collection and endemic species. Appointed National Patrimony.
Ruins of the Buena Vista Coffee plantation: An ancient French coffee plantation. At present there is a restaurant with a lookout at 240 meters above sea level.
Soroa Arco Iris Waterfall: Waterfall 22 m high, known as waterfall´s Rainbow is one of the main attractions for lovers of nature and swimming.
EL Castillo en las nubes (Castle in the Clouds): Beautiful medieval architecture building at present is a restaurant. The area offers one of the best views of the Rosario mountain range, appointed Reserve of the Biosphere.

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